Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creative and Well Executed Masquerade Skits and Walk-Ons

Here are some examples of well executed skit and walk-on performances at cosplay masquerades. This list is a work in progress; if you have any suggested additions please contact me via email or facebook.

Silent Hill Nurses- Anime Boston 2007. Good use of well thought out and rehearsed choreography plus a great concept. Also note how they stay in character the entire time, even as they are exiting the stage. 

Cupcake Cosplay's Revolutionary Girl Utena- Anime NEXT 2009. I know for a fact these girls practiced extensively for this skit. I applaud their integrating skills from their experience in color guard as well. If you have some sort of skill or experience with any sort of performing team, it's not a bad idea to think of ways to apply said skill to a masquerade skit--just make sure what ever you do is safe in whatever environment you'll be performing in. 

Set/Props/Stage Ninjas
Ninja of the Night's Portal- Fanime 2011. A superb example of all 3 elements in this section, especially stage ninjas. For more great skits involving stage ninjas check out the rest of NOTN's works. 

Blacklight Spirited Away- Abunai 2008 (Netherlands). I don't know of any specific US cons that allow/have blacklights for the masquerade, but this is a great example of how to work with them. 

Tetris Ninjas- Anime Boston 2007. As the name suggests, the whole concept of this skit revolved around stage ninjas. Very clever concept and well done.

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One-Person Skits 
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Walk Ons
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Golden Witch Beatrice- Anime Boston 2010. I don't actually know anything about the series, but I can surely say this skit is phenomenal in both concept and execution. The theatrical nature has been compared on multiple occasions to Broadway, and with good reason! A few things to notice: at least one performer did not voice their character--this is an especially nice touch when crossplaying is involved; also this is a great example of how an MC introduction can add to a skit by providing context or building up suspense; finally pay attention to how accurate the lip-syncing is--they all memorized their dialog even though it was pre-recorded. One more thing I loved: their stage hands are costumed--very thoughtful!

My Performances
In order to remain objective, I've kept my own performances off the list above, however if you are curious to see the skits I've been in here's some of my favorite masquerade performances.

Dead Moon Circus- Anime Boston 2009, choreography by Shiva; participants: Bry-chan, Gale, Katy, Shiva, and Steve.
Anything You Can Do...- PortCon Maine 2009; participants: Gale and Elly~Star.
Night at the Museum- Another Anime Convention 2009, choreography by Shiva; participants: Shiva, Gale, Elly~Star, and Keith.